Which ceiling to choose: stretch or suspended

When repairing an apartment or building a house, there should be no disputes about how the ceiling in the rooms should be: stretch or suspended. Everyone has its pros and cons, both during the assembly and during operation.

Suspended ceilings are very diverse. They are made of drywall, plastic or aluminum panels – racks.

The plasterboard ceiling is most common, while it is also the cheapest. It is easy to process, which makes it possible to give the ceiling different forms.

The ceiling can be made multi -level, give it a convex or concave rounded shape. After that, ceiling slabs can be painted, covered with wallpaper, inserted lamps. Also, such a ceiling will regulate humidity.

Its shortcomings include a fairly large weight and difficulties in installing. In the case of water leaks, it is deformed, and after drying, the spots will remain.

The plastic ceiling is released against the background of other products with its lightness and simplicity of the frame system. If the assembly was carried out correctly, then its surface will be even. Moisture is not afraid of him, he does not require careful care.

Its disadvantage is the fragility of plates, deformation under the influence of its own weight. Over time, plastic may darken, and the large area of ​​ceiling plates will make it difficult to replace communications.

The rack suspension ceiling is made in two types: open and closed. In the first, they leave the gap between the ceiling panels, which can easily be closed with special inserts. Such a ceiling, thanks to a special coating, will almost not lose its shape and retain color. The main drawback is the high price and complexity of the mount.

Stretch ceilings are installed faster than suspended, they weigh less and do not cause difficulties in installation. The main difference between a stretch ceiling is its integrity, which retains heat in the room, in addition, seams and cracks are invisible on it.

But this ceiling has its disadvantages. It is difficult to change the lamps with him and remove the water that appeared in case of leakage. If the room is too warm, then such a ceiling sags, and the color of the plastic fades. It is almost impossible to install them yourself.

Among the variety of suspended and stretch systems, it is often difficult to make a choice. The only true opinion cannot be here, since each ceiling has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is one thing in common: everything can be mounted yourself, of course, if there are certain skills and tools.