Plasterboard column

In design ideas, there are quite often columns that make the room unique. As a rule, the simplest and most convenient material for the implementation of an idea is drywall. Sources of light with electric cables, shelves and ventilation can be located inside the column of drywall.

For a long time, the columns were supporting elements in the ceiling room or for balconies from the outside. To date, the columns more often perform a decorative function or to visually divide the room into several zones. Columns are also used to hide water and sewer pipes. In this situation, they should completely isolate the sounds of passing water, mineral wool will help in this.

Profiles for each face are set in level in one plane. The perimeter drawn on the ceiling is transferred to the floor with a plumb line. Then the profile is attached around the entire perimeter of the column using self -tapping screws or dowels. The additional strength of the structure will give the enhancement of the frame in the corners, for this profile they are twisted to obtain an angle of 90 °, and only after that are attached.

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The frame of the column first is connected diagonally to give it the greatest strength. When installing, vertical columns should be fixed with a jumper.

After completing the installation of the structure, the column should be glued or sheathed with drywall. For rooms with high humidity, moisture -resistant drywall should be used. Self -tapping screws should be drowned slightly in the sheets of cladding. At the end of all the work on lining the frame, the joints are putty.

Now the column is ready for any finishing work. The use of drywall will achieve a perfectly flat surface and it will not be necessary to align it additionally, for example, for wallpaper or for painting.