Summer houses insurance: features and statistics

Speaking about the issuance of an insurance policy for country houses, specialists of insurance companies argue that in the summer the main danger to the summer residence is a fire. But in the case when not a fire occurred at the dacha, but set up, no insurance company will pay any compensation. Therefore, if you are interested in the insurance of a summer cottage and at home, then, as always, very carefully study the insurance contract, so that later it does not work out that you just lost time and money in vain. According to experts, in Russia no more than 20% of country houses are insured for today.

In the suburbs, the number of insured country houses and cottages is much larger, the level of issued insurance policies here is almost 80%. And as the insurance predicts, this number will increase annually.

Analysts regarding the possibility of an insurance accident, give such figures in the city from 1% to 10%, and in summer cottages – no more than 5%. It turns out that out of twenty insured country houses, insurance can only be necessary. Regarding elite cottages, the probability of the occurrence of an insured event is even less – 0.5%, since these cottages are excellent quality of construction and are well guarded.