The cost of living in European hotels is actively reduced

According to the Trivago portal, in November, against the background of October, prices in European hotels decreased by an average of 12 percent, stopping at the mark of 112 euros in one day. The largest decrease in prices was shown by Italy hotels, which in October were very actively gaining in price. But now, as soon as the high season has ended, for example, in Venice, average prices were reduced by 44 percent, to a mark of 146 euros, in Rome the rooms became less than 31 percent and amounted to an average of 116 euros, in Florence – by 30 percent (106 euro in one day). In other cities of the boot, prices were not reduced so much. In Bari, the hotels fell in price only by 3 percent, in Cagils – by 2 percent, in Milan by 9 percent, in skating and Palermo – more significantly, namely, by 19 and 21 percent, respectively, respectively. Thanks to such changes in the first place in the cost of living in Italy hotels, Milan, who overtook Venice with an average price in the region of 146 euros, so that it was Milan that is now the most expensive city.

You can live in Europe cheaper in Europe, where the number will cost only 59 euros per day, which is 23 percent cheaper than last month. The most expensive living in hotels will cost Geneva – 228 euros and in London – 205 euros (while in the capital of Britain prices against the background of October even increased – by 4 percent).

German hotels lost about 9 percent in November in November and stopped at a mark of 105 euros per day. The largest fall was recorded in the city of Frankfurt – 26 percent. Munich fell in price by 15 percent, stopping at a mark of 123 euros per day, Cologne – 14 percent (118 euros). But in the exhibition Hannover, the cost of living in hotels increased by 39 percent to 122 euros.

In other European cities, hotel accommodation prices were not so significantly reduced, for example, in Berlin and Paris – 11 percent, in Madrid – 7 percent. Only Lisbon and Barcelona, ​​which demonstrated a significant drop in prices for hotel rooms, namely 28 and 21 percent, respectively.

“There is nothing strange or amazing in this. Hotels in the cities of Europe, as a rule, increase in price in September-October, when rooms in resorts become cheaper. But since November, prices in city hotels also go down, as the season ends. At this time, rising prices for numbers in ski resorts begins, ”says Viktor Sukharev, head of the European Operator of the KMP Group tourist operator.

These words are confirmed by statistics, for example, in the same Italy, in ski resorts, prices showed record growth indicators. Livignio accommodation increased in price by 28 percent, in Chervinia – by 24 percent, and in Kurmayor – by 14 percent.

According to Sukharev, the next increase in prices in hotels in European cities should be expected on the eve of Christmas and New Year’s holidays. “As a rule, prices are increasing on the eve of the New Year-December 29-31, at this time the price increase can reach 2-2.5 times. But from January 3, prices are reduced again, and stability remains until spring until the new season starts, ”the expert added.