Technology for the construction of external walls of the house

The more corners in the future house, the more difficult it will be its construction. And that means it will not be so easy to build the walls, so for such work you should hire a professional mason. The external walls of the houses are erected using special technology. If we talk about the roof, then the best solution will be the bitumen tile in Minsk that can be bought at favorable prices.

Simple building have a single -layer external walls. Very often, they consist of blocks that contain insulating material, such materials include: foam concrete, ceramics, hollow bricks, warm expanded clay concrete. Hollow bricks and blocks must be laid on a special heat -saving mixture. You can perform crowns using special molds proposed by manufacturers of materials for walls. This will allow construction work in, significantly, short time. Such walls have good thermal insulation, they can immediately be plastered with a conventional solution of cement.

Two -layer walls consist of the supporting layer (foam concrete) and insulating layer (foam, mineral wool). Such walls need to be plastered to ensure thermal insulation. Two -layer walls exclude the presence of thermalists and have good thermal insulation.

The most complex wall is a three -layer wall, which has a pentone carrier, ten centimeter protective wall (facade brick) instead of a plaster layer. It is difficult to build such walls, but their appearance, properties and characteristics justify the complexity.