Tips for the installation of metal -plastic windows and calculator of plastic windows

As in other construction matters, and in the installation of metal -plastic windows, it is more reliable to use the services of a qualified master. But if you do not have such an opportunity, then you will need some good tips. You will still be useful to a calculator of plastic windows, with which you can find out how much you will cost the installation of plastic windows.

First, you need to study the mounting of the window block. It is important that it can resist the wind and prevent different temperature deformations. To fix the window block, you will need anchor screws, self -tapping screws and plates. PVC profiles and points, for attaching an aluminum alloy, should have a distance from each other – 700 mm, and if you have color profiles of PVC, then – 600 mm. The recesses for fasteners should be from 40 to 50 mm, depending on the material of the building.

The mounting seam should have 3 layers: external (for protection against water), central (to hold heat) and internal (to isolate steam).

Edges and slopes, internal and external, cannot have, gaps, shells or other damage deeper than 10 mm. All defects should be scattered, using a waterproof composition. The formed voids in the window openings that arose during the installation of windows, fill in with rigid heater.

It is better, after all, to find a company for the sale of metal-plastic windows, which provides its installation services.