We close the cracks. Shpaklevka

In order to level the surface of the walls or to close cracks most often, but almost always use a putty. It is produced both in finished and in cheese (dry) form. Finish, gypsum, classic – these are all examples of dry species. As for the finished ones, these include modified and masiac-red. So on the Strokes you can also purchase facade, decorative, elastic – all of them belong to specialized.

Preparation: Pour the mixture into the water (water temperature 15-20 degrees) is done from the calculation of 1 kg of dry mixture by 0.3 liters of water. Then all this is interfered until a homogeneous mass. After 5 minutes, this mass will become suitable for putty. The finished mixture should be easily stirred, stick to the spatula. Putty, which thickened should be diluted with a primer or water.

After cooking, putty is applied with a thin layer. After application, a smooth surface is formed, which is easily painted.

Before putty, you need to remove the remains of the previous finish. For putty, two spatulas will be needed, one of which is narrow, the other wide, sandpaper and drill, preferably with a stirrer.

Apply should be two layers – leveling and finish. The thickness of the first is 0.6-25mm, its goal is to ensure clutch with the base, and fill out the defects of the surface. You need to smear with a primer after the layer thickens. After a day, after the putty dries, the leveling layer must be polished and leveled. After that, a finish putty is applied, which leverates the latest defects. This is a very important stage if you are going to paint the surface. After drying, the surface is almost perfect, without any irregularities.

After use, putty should be poured into a wide container so that it does not dry.

It is also worth noting that the putty is distributed thinner if the primer has previously been applied. To fix the crumbling particles, use the strengthening compositions that are used to soak the base.

After a day, after the second layer was applied, the coating should be sanded with sandpaper. After that there should be no roughness.