How to choose a crib?

For parents, the issue of buying a crib is very serious. When choosing any children’s furniture, you should not only be guided by the price and appearance, it is necessary to give preference to comfortable items. Today in the market, children’s cribs are presented in a wide range. How not to get confused before the choice?

When buying a crib, special attention must be paid to the material from which it was made. The best material in ancient times was recognized. This material breathes and allows you to breathe a child’s body. For decorative design of trousers, plastic elements are used today. The best wood rocks from which children’s furniture are made are recognized by birch, maple, alder.

The crib must be stable. Very carefully should be handled with rocking beds. Swinging such a crib, the child can fall out of it, therefore, as soon as the child grows up, the crib must be installed steadily.

Children’s furniture in St. Petersburg allows you to choose the most suitable options with maximum satisfaction of parents’ requirements. What else should you pay attention to when choosing children’s furniture, these are sides and bottom depth. While the child is small, the crib can be shallow. However, only he learn to sit, it is necessary to get up so that the depth of the bed is at least 60 centimeters. Only at this bottom position, the child will be in safe conditions. Almost all patterns of trousers allow you to adjust the height of the bottom location.

The distance is important at which vertical strips are located relative to each other. The optimal interval is 5-6 centimeters. Such a distance allows the child to stroke freely into the intervals of the pen, the legs do not allow the child to fall out of the crib.

Ideally, the bottom of the crib is a rack system. But most options for presented in stores have a continuous base. The continuous bottom prevents the mattress and body of the baby.

It should be remembered that an important element of the crib is a mattress, the choice of which must also be approached in increased attention.