We set up a new apartment

Here is your new apartment, the repair is just completed in it. And now? Malok is in the know where to start the repair. Professionals argue that first of all in the apartment you need to equip the kitchen. After all, there you will be going to eat. And if it is empty, you can’t even cook anything.

In turn, bathroom. Personal hygiene is very important, so it needs to pay due attention. Your bedroom, it should be very comfortable, spacious and comfortable for you. There you rest and spend pleasant moments. Therefore, they must think through every little thing in it.

Further in line the room is the living room. This room will be for all guests you visit. Here you must show what the owners you are. The living room is the “face” of your apartment, so to speak. It is best to bring furniture for the apartment after the end of the repair, so as not to get anything inadvertently. Especially when you already finish the repair, you will see what furniture it is best for you to buy for the interior.

Do not forget that the fashion is changing practical every 5 years. Therefore, if you are a fan of fashion, then buy the most daring interior news. But if you are not going to constantly make repairs, then buy something more restrained.