How to choose a warm floor for yourself

Not many people imagine what to look at when choosing. A couple of non -complex tips on this issue.

-Starting from the warmth. It should be “natural”. It is very difficult to achieve heat from artificial heat systems of heat. Such a feeling can give a film with infrared radiation.

-Paul is the most important thing that can be in the house, contact with it cannot be avoided, so you should not throw everything on its own.

– The styling should be simple, the material itself should be easy.

– Paul should not create a gap in your family budget. Cleaning should not require something super strong. Optimally if the kit can be divided into several rooms at once. It will be good if you can handle yourself with masonry and do not go to hire special people (UA). See how much energy will consume the floor, because a very serious amount follows from this.

-Appearance. The floor must enter your interior, small and thin material is the most optimal. It is best if it is possible to put another coating on top, for example, a carpet. If the room has a very low ceiling, do not take the floor too much width. This will significantly reduce centimeters.

– The human head is difficult, and crazy ideas can come very easily. But sometimes I really want to bring them to life. I don’t always want to make only the floor warm, and why not make the walls warm? Why not a ceiling? Or maybe the door? Everything is possible. To make grandmothers pleasant, warm bed, which could be more pleasant in the morning. The pet is freezing? Warm! Experiments, the best thing we can do in this life.

– The last point at which it would want to stop its attention. Reliability, quality that should be above all. Because if an emergency occurs somewhere, the whole system will be able to fail. After all, you don’t really want to freeze.