Recycling recycling is an important industry.

It is necessary to process recyclables. Not only because the planet is clogged with all kinds of waste, rubbish and clogs everything, starting from water and ending with the atmosphere. Resources that nature gives us can end. And we seem to still throw things made of metal, paper and not only. Use recyclables is an environmental task, and a fair amount of savings. For example, construction garbage, which is a lot.

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Broken brick. It is possible to use the path to the construction site so that there is less slush. Crushed stone, which is recyclable, can be used in road construction. And it will become much cleaner.

From plastic bottles of crushed, you need to make panels. Slag to put concrete. Garbage is plastic is an environmental problem, and if you start processing it, you can make a cheap building material.

Metal scrap during processing will expand production, and also free many new places for new construction. So much is the unnecessary scrap metal of large sizes.

Many products that are poisonous. acids and lead can greatly ruin the environment. Such products include the battery. If spoiled and served to buy, then many production can get lead during processing, which is in short.

The variety of recyclables and the possibility of its use wisely opens up the opportunity to save natural and its own resources, the ability to develop any business. With the help of recyclables, you can achieve opportunities and make prices much cheaper.

The Soviet Union was very serious about the processing of recyclables. Glass container was accepted, including dairy bottles. Makulator was going to be involved for this, schoolchildren and pioneer organizations were involved. Also scrap. But the precious metals were recorded and very strict. How much it is used in industry, namely in the manufacture of electronic products.