Interior design helps to make life comfortable, more beautiful and better. Over time, materials, performance styles, color scheme are changing, and all in order to satisfy the most sophisticated desires of customers.

One of the most important elements is a tree that is used everywhere- windows, floor, doors, furniture. The usual hornes, oak, aspen are always relevant, but Wenge is gaining popularity every day. The advantages of this tree are hardness, stability, beauty. For any interior, you can choose a color scheme, because the shades are amazing with their diversity- from dark brown to almost purple. It is noteworthy that companies are engaged in the release of imitations that repeat almost all the features of the tree.

The use of the Wenge tree is common in the Haytek style, that is, where there are light walls and dark furniture. If you prefer to combine modernity and laconicism, then wenge furniture will be simply indispensable. It is best to choose such furniture for living rooms and bedrooms, though do not forget that dark tones should definitely be diluted with bright details!

Therefore, before placing furniture, set up better accents in your interior.