Cleaning reservoirs.

How much it is needed? In our country, every year more and more lakes turn into reed and duckweed. And the beautiful blue water surface that our parents remember so well, rather resembles a swamp than a pond. In some advanced places, facade foam may even swim instead of wild ducks or migratory swans.

But, nevertheless, more confidently conscious citizens turn to specialized companies to clean water bodies for help from pollution. After calling professionals to the object, a comprehensive assessment of the situation and calculation of the cost of work are carried out. If the team of a village is able to make a joint payment of the identified work, then the process begins the very next day.


cleaning the bottom of garbage;

destruction of the thickets of reeds;

Cleaning duckweed from the water surface;

Organization of the beach zone.

It is worth noting that pollution of the pond or lake can occur not only due to the effects of human activity on it, because the same curly cutting of foam or wastewater is quite harmful. But often the reservoir simply ages over time and requires assistance to restore its functioning. This is manifested due to the accumulation of fallen leaves, excrement of birds, lands of land from the surrounding area and t. P. Everything accumulates for a long time, violating biological balance, and is accompanied by an increase in the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus. Which does not allow self -cleaning to properly. In this case, a person should come to the rescue. And carry out with the help of special equipment to eliminate negative factors.

It is important to remember that these events bear not only aesthetic benefit to the population, but they have value for the ecosystem. Indeed, with the help of the process, the purified waters are much faster become in demand by all kinds of animals. For example, the amount of fish is increasing, approaches for watering water and other.