Selection and installation of the main elements in the house

Those who are currently engaged in repairs or are only going to do it, probably have already encountered a question about doors and windows. The fact is that it is these interior elements that, as a rule, attract special attention and require a thorough choice and high -quality installation.

Indeed, since both doors and windows are not only interior elements, but also perform quite clear functions, moreover, they ensure safety, it is necessary to decide how to make these parts combine high quality and excellent appearance. And if everything is clear with the windows, since only one option is available at the moment – these are plastic windows that can be performed in any form and in your size, then the doors are somewhat more complicated. Firstly, it is necessary to choose interior doors, which are mainly selected based on the appearance. And, secondly, you also need to choose the entrance doors that perform more serious tasks, and the choice of which is more complicated. However, in this case, it is best to consult with a specialist and choose a company whose quality you could trust. Nevertheless, both doors and windows raise some questions, in particular, questions about their installation. Just about this we will talk about today.

Installation of windows

As a rule, the installation of plastic windows is performed by professional masters of the manufacturer, but there is a lot of such a service. In order to save a decent amount of money, you need to install it yourself, it will cost you much cheaper. To properly make installation, you will have to replenish your knowledge baggage. First you have to dismantle old windows. After that, you can start installing plastic. Pre -remove the double -glazed windows by removing plastic stacks, which hold the glass. Then we insert the frames into the window opening, align, fix it with self -tapping screws and fill the remaining space with construction foam.

Door installation

It is worth noting that the installation of doors is also a difficult process. First you need to dismantle the old door, and then first of all you need to attach reliable hinges, which the future doors will be attached to. After fixing, you need to check its free cross. As for the front door, then you have to tinker with many tools in order to securely fix the new door in the opening.