What are the features of wooden windows

Wooden windows attribute such characteristics as durability and strength. If you carry out proper care, it is quite possible to extend their service life even up to 50 years. There is no need to forget about the naturalness of such products, thanks to which microclimate is created in the interior.

Despite the fact that today many refuse to use wooden windows in favor of plastic ones, it should still be noted that the former have many advantages. In addition to the already named naturalness, wooden products are different in that they themselves have impressive heat – and sound insulation. And you know that now many experts recommend buying metal rolling on the Internet because there are acceptable prices there.

And another very serious advantage of wooden windows is that they are very simple during use. In the case of such products, there is no need to constantly monitor the condition of the accessories incredibly difficult to have plastic windows. Accordingly, the likelihood of a breakdown is much less.

It should be noted the disadvantages that are characteristic of such windows. One of them is that in the process of production the window can be covered with small cracks. In addition, the danger that windows from wood will begin to rot is quite real. This indicates the need for constant care.