Installation of electrical wiring

Not the most difficult stage in the repair is the installation of electrical wiring. But errors must be avoided, since they can be serious and will put pressure on the owner until he remakes the wiring again.

If you have no experience with electricity, it will be better to contact specialists in this case.Well, if you still decide to install the wiring yourself, then follow the necessary requirements.

Carry out the installation of the wiring before you start finishing work. This will give you the opportunity to exclude unnecessary waste on another decoration of the room and the following troubles.

The starting point must be the developed plan. First you need to determine the type of electrical wiring – external or hidden, also decide on the place where it will pass – walls or floor. Hidden – walls, ceilings and ceilings; open – the surface of the ceilings and walls.

Next, you need to make a drawing of the wiring scheme, calculate the required number of sockets, switches, distribution boxes, fuses, cartridges. It is necessary to decide on the installation sites given the comfort of using and the connection of electrical devices acquired in the future. It is also worth providing for a possible increase in the power used by acquiring and connecting new devices, so that later it does not work out overload.

When developing the plan, you need to think about the safe use of technology, especially imported, you should install the wiring of the three -core. Such wiring has zero and phase wires, grounding.

The connection of wires in the places of breaks should only go through the transitional block, but not twist. If possible, then places where the wires are connected do not need to be built into the walls.

It is also necessary to outline the wiring to know where what kind of wire leads to.

In the bathroom and the bathroom, the wiring must be grounded. If there is no “earth” branch, then the wire may be connected to the conventional power of the electric meter shield.