Construction of houses from glued timber

The building materials market is very diverse. It develops every day. And not so long ago, such a material as glued beams received its distribution. He received his original fame about 30 years ago in Finland. Here, houses made of glued beams became a common phenomenon, and after some time this material filled the Russian market. Its popularity is explained by high quality and reliability. At home, made of glued beams no worse than other materials, and according to some indicators, it bypasses modern analogues. Also the cost of glued beams is several times lower than modern building materials.

The construction of houses using glued beam will undoubtedly affect its reliability and a long service life. In addition, at home, gathered using glued beams perfectly retain heat and look quite attractive. Also, thanks to the glued beam inside the house, the natural level of humidity will be maintained. In addition to its main advantages, the beam does not distinguish toxic substances, which means that it retains the health of all residents of the house.

Due to the fact that the beam enters the market already in the dried form, during the construction of the house, it provides minimal shrinkage, and this will affect the quality of the construction. The wall erected from glued beams does not require additional heat -insulation work. It turns out without gaps and cracks. As a result, such walls prevent the penetration of moisture and wind inside. Having saturated glued beam with special chemical materials, it becomes moisture – and fire resistant. Thus, you will get a safe house using “green” technologies.