Cargo containers – excellent material for building a house

Residential Properties

You still do not know what to build a house from, having a very limited budget?

One of the cheapest options is frame design. However, the construction of such a seemingly uncomplicated and simple design will require certain efforts from you. Just imagine how many things will need to be taken into account: calculate the bearing capacity of beams and ceilings, think about what antiseptics you will treat the wood and t. D. Construction of a house based on Karskasy design – one headache.

But it is not necessary to go on a beaten road, and for the construction of a strong, strong and reliable house you can use very unconventional and non -standard materials, for example, sea containers. Yes, you did not misheard, you can build a house with an area of ​​100 m2 of three forty -foot sea containers.

If you have never seen a marine container, imagine a large box, the basis of which is a steel frame, and the walls are made of a galvanized profiled steel 3 mm thick. The length of the container can be 40 or 20 feet, it corresponds to 12 and 6 meters, the width is about 2.4 meters, and the height is from 2.4 to 2.6 meters. If you carry out finishing work in the container and place the insulation, then it is quite possible to live in it.

Such a house has a lot of advantages. You do not have to rack your head over how to level the walls, because the walls of sea containers have exact geometric sizes. The approximate weight of one container is from 2 to 4 tons, which means that for such a house you will not need to make the foundation of increased strength. Thanks to the rigid spatial structure of containers, the house can be installed directly on the piles. The frame design of containers makes it possible to arrange them at their discretion, creating interesting architectural forms. High strength of the walls of the container is a guarantee of the safety of your home.

By the way, the design features of the house from sea containers make it mobile and transportable: moving yourself, you can transport it to a new place and your house.

If you are the idea to build a house from containers, you should know what about the shortcomings of such a building. Choosing a place for a new house, you should provide for the possibility of entering the lifting crane and other heavy construction equipment to it. Steel conducts well warm and cold, so you should be prepared for certain features of your new home. It will also not be superfluous to provide additional ventilation, because the walls of sea containers are sealed.