Coemers of the company Eurotandem

As you know, so far in most heating systems water is everywhere used. The main drawback of this coolant is the freezing temperature – only 0 degrees. Special modern coolants supplied by Eurotandem have a very low freezing temperature -up to -65 degrees. The advantage is evident. Even if the house does not heat up throughout the winter, the heating system will not be destroyed. And that is not all. The boiling temperature of a special coolant is much higher than 100 degrees, due to which a much higher heat transfer is provided. The scale in the pipes is not formed, but the one that has already managed to form from the water is dissolved. The chemical composition of the coolant in Eurotandem is absolutely safe for people, and for animals, and for plants. Even with a leakage of danger there is no poisoning.

The service life of the coolant is usually within 5 years. It can be used both in metal and plastic pipes. Due to the high heat transfer, the user receives greater savings in heating costs, because energy consumption is significantly reduced. Even when heating is turned off, the coolant cools down much longer than ordinary water.