Answers to questions about plastic windows. Plastic Likbez

The times ended when the view of plastic windows aroused interest in us. Now, this is a regular product that does not cause any surprise. However, there are many nuances related to the installation, device and operation, which are worth paying attention to when ordering windows to your apartment or house. Here are some of them.

How does a plastic window arrange? Like the usual one, it consists of a profile, that is, a frame, a double -glazed window, a shut -off mechanism, pens, sealing gums, casting for water, window sill and slopes for decorating side surfaces.

Let us dwell in more detail on the two most important components: profile and double -glazed windows. It is on their quality and characteristics that durability, thermal conductivity, noise insulation and reliability of windows depend.

Profile (PVC) – synthetic material or, more simply, plastic, is harmless to others, but it will not always prevent the manufacturer from asking a certificate of products from the manufacturer. The average service life of the profile is up to 60 years. Depending on the purpose and climatic conditions in the window industry, 3-, 4-, and 5-chamber profiles are used. Accordingly, the more cameras, the better your windows will maintain heat. In addition, for better stiffness and heat resistance, the entire profile inside is filled with partitions forming air chambers.

The double -glazed windows consist of several glasses, tightly fastened in such a way as not to allow air ventilation. Air, and sometimes for better thermal insulation, special gas, as if locked inside. The fact is that thermal conductivity of the air is quite low, so plastic windows are much better than usual.

Plastic windows are pretty good to cope with noise. But if necessary, sound insulation can be increased several times. To do this, usually install thicker external glasses, sometimes a triplex is used, the distance between the glasses is increased or special fillers are added instead of air instead of air. In the complex, the use of these tools can make the window completely soundproof.