Types and purpose of Yamobur Tools

Yamobur is a special type of special equipment used during drilling wells, shallow pits and other cylindrical holes. Moreover, the scope of this equipment is very extensive.

First of all, hydraulic Yamobur is indispensable during communications or installation of power lines. This technique is used during hydrological searches, engineering and geological work. You can not do without a moisture and if you need to dig a well or a pit for the foundation, as well as during the construction of fences, fences and other works related to the improvement of the courtyard space.

The main advantage of such equipment is the lack of need for manual labor and at the same time high -quality and accurate execution of tasks assigned to it. As for the depth of drilling, Yamobur in most cases is incapable of drilling holes with a depth of more than 10-12 meters.

At the same time, there are a huge number of modifications of this equipment. Common for all of them are working elements, which are a screw or interchangeable lobed drill.

Most modern Yamobirs cannot function independently, for which they are installed on trucks, tractors or loaders.

Such attaching equipment varies in the technique on which it is fixed, its purpose and dimensions.

Depending on the base technique used, the moles are divided into the following types:

– on cars. It was the car that was the first type of special equipment to which such devices began to consolidate.

– on a tractor, excavator or loader. Technique equipped with this attachment equipment is more and more popular today thanks to comparative cheapness, performance and convenience.

– Yamoburs on the platform. Are the most powerful among all known drill installations.

In addition to attaching equipment, self -propelled drilling rigs are also separately distinguished.