About insurance of an unfinished house

Real estate insurance

Of course, the registration of insurance for the incomplete housing is to be built – the desire of customers to protect themselves and their values ​​of various kinds of dangers, so such insurance has good moments. The main benefit of such insurance is noticeable even when buying, since housing in an incomplete building will be cheaper than a similar apartment in an completed house. The level of value is directly related to the number of erected floors: the fewer floors, the lower the cost. Therefore, buying unfinished housing is the most priority, but also a very unsafe financial investment in housing.

Naturally, having bought such an apartment, you will not receive any assurances that this house will be completed, or commissioned at the appointed time, and the client, in turn, will be able to apply for ownership of new housing. In such a situation, insurance of an unhearted building may help save money spent on the construction of a new building. In this case, the amount of compensation is established by the insurance company itself, taking into account possible dangers and personal qualities of the client. Often the payment varies from 1.5 to 5% and depends on the size of the client’s financial housing.

In addition, the registration of an insurance policy for a house that has not yet been completed helps to learn about the reliability of the insurance company and the developer. After all, only a reliable insurance company will insure the unfinished house, and only if the company-developer is proven.