Repair in the apartment

When repairing apartments, you can use a large number of variable materials for finishing and not only. The level of complexity and volume of work is also different. If you bring the line, you can highlight three types of repair – ordinary, improved and euroremont. The term “euromont” itself is completely incorrect. The thing is that the “EVROMONT” is being done, as well as other repairs, but using expensive materials, and should also be fulfilled qualitatively.

Under the usual repair means finishing updates in the apartment (house). The dismantling work and installation of doors and windows also include here, also aligning all surfaces – ceilings, floor and walls, etc. D. But the improved one should also include the installation of new plumbing and the replacement of electrical wiring, etc. D.

For the European Republic, you will need to use the services of professionals. With this repair, everything completely changes (heating, ventilation, sewer system). Lighting for such premises with a renovation creates an original and one that will correspond to your interior. It is best to contact a designer of interiors for help. He will help to figure it out. And in general now no high -quality repair can do without them. And remember, the more high quality you want to make repairs, the more expensive the materials. And it is worth hiring exclusively professionals.