How much time is it allocated for the shrinkage of the house?

Any professional builder will say that before instilling in the house, you need to wait until he gives a shrinkage. This may need time, the duration of which depends on what material the house is built. If the material was pre -dried, it will take several months, and if the humidity was natural then about a year. Only after the shrinkage of the house has occurred can begin to lay communications, bring gas, warmth and so on. Otherwise, the laid communications in the not -not dried house can be damaged during the shrinkage.

Therefore, you need to decide even before the start of construction, whether you can afford to wait a whole year before continuing the construction, or, prefer to purchase more expensive materials that will ultimately save you the time spent on the construction of the house.

But you need to remember that drying the construction timber event is expensive and complex. And, accordingly, the material from the dried board will be many times more expensive than the usual timber.