Thermal insulation of walls with polystyrene.

Before implementing the process of insulation of walls, their preparation is carried out. They must be leveled, plastered, cleaned of dirt and dust. The plastered surface should not be perfectly smooth, an important requirement is its evenness on the plane and level.

The thermal insulation process with foam includes several stages: creating a contact coating using a primer, installing beacons, plaster, fastening of foam with glue and umbrellas, mesh installation and putty.

Creating a contact surface.

Before plastering the wall, it is necessary to apply a primer layer on it. It is also possible to spray the plaster solution diluted in water to create a contact layer. The drying of the layer occurs during the night, so you can start plaster.

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Installation of lighthouses.

With the help of a construction plumb line or level, the wall is marking, after which the threads are pulled horizontally for installing lighthouses. Lighthouses are metal corners. They are attached to glue and allowed to dry.


The solution for plaster is prepared as follows: two parts of lime, one part of the cement, four parts of the sand is taken. The solution is prayed onto the wall, cut off the truncated rule. The layer is allowed to dry a couple of hours.

Pushing polystyrene foam.

With the help of a horizontal level, the first row is set. To do this, glue for foam is applied to the wall, and its excess is removed by a comb. Next, put a sheet and nail it on the surface using the rule.

Playing the grid.

A reinforced mesh is glued on a foam sheet. The same glue for foam is used for its sticker. It is also necessary to make a overlap5 cm.


After a couple of hours, you can carry out the process of putting the wall. One layer is standardly applied if a decorative finish is supposed. 2 layers should be applied for painting. To obtain a smooth surface, the finish putty is used.