Alignment of the ceiling with drywall

To begin with, the level of the base of the ceiling is determined. In order to achieve the greatest accuracy, use a water or laser level. It is necessary to apply tags on the walls with a special marker or pencil. It is according to these marks of profiles that the frame system is mounted. Based on the chosen complexity of the ceiling design, a certain design of the frame system is selected. Hypsum or drywall ceilings can be combined, simple and multi -level. Combined ceilings, in turn, are also of different types: with mirror, stretch or glass systems.

Technical characteristics of the system require special attention. The frame must be installed so that it is firmly fixed. Otherwise, cracks may appear on the ceiling in the future.

Then the frame is sheathed with drywall or gypsum fiber sheets. The seams that are created in the process of the skin should be covered with a special putty so that the compounds are hermetic. A sir-carp is glued to these seams, then again everything is putty. After the putty dries, the surface must be thoroughly sanded.

Note that, the repair of the apartment and the correct approach to repair significantly affects the final result.