Mixing colors with different shades

Inexperienced developers always torment the question whether it is possible to independently dilute paints of different types, and if possible, then in which proportions this is done. You can stir the pigments of paints of only one typical group. Otherwise, the developer can ruin the coloring material and if he still manages to apply the “mixture” to the wall, then the quality of such a coating will be short -lived and unreliable.

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Acrylic, vinyl, emulsion and chalk paints are well mixed together, poorly dissolve in a typical environment of olifa -based paints. Sometimes the developer himself buys the color pigment he needs, independently and gradually adds it to white paint and thus selects the color he needs. You can combine and select the necessary color scheme using several pigments, only with mandatory observance of two rules – never mix the colors of different color palette and shades, the total number of pigments used during the selection should not exceed ten percent of the total volume of paint. It is best to prepare all the required amount of paint at once. If you do several mixtures, then repeating the previously obtained result will be very problematic.