Tips when working with drywall

– Self -tapping screws used for fastening drywall plates to the frame should be included in the panel in compliance with a right angle and penetrate into a profile to a depth of at least10 mm.

– All seams between the sheets are better to putty using a special lastic mixture. This will make it possible to exclude the appearance of voltage in the design during seasonal changes in temperature.

– During the installation of drywall partitions, it is necessary to plunge all the cracks qualitatively, otherwise the whole system will have poor soundproofing characteristics.

– The installation of elements from drywall must only be performed after the end of work on plumbing and electrical wiring, as well as after the completion of all “wet” repair processes.

– In order to hang a picture or shelf on a drywall, it is recommended to use special dowels for this material, or screw the screws into a metal profile. Their location, after finishing, can be determined using a small magnet.

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– During the purchase of gypsum cardboard plates, having decided on the required amount of material, 10 % must be purchased for stock, because when cutting, some pieces, in any case, you will have to throw away.

– If you screwed the self -tapping screw into the drywall, do not try to pull it out of there, because in the end result a sloppy hole will appear in its place. It is best to wrap the screws to the stop so that as a result he does not protrude above the plane, but was drowned. After the finish, such a defect will not be visible at all.