Autonomous sewage arrangement procedure

Many owners of private houses want to equip an autonomous sewer, but at the same time do not dare to do this. Immediately, one cannot fail to note the simplicity of the implementation of this task, the autonomous sewer is really very easy to do, it can go away for two days.

Initially, you need to cook everything, namely, buy a plastic pipe that will go from the sewer well to the house and sewer rings with a concrete lid and a sewer hatch. It is very important to note that the sewer rings must be ordered for installation, that is, when the pit and eyeliner are already dug for it. In this case, a special car with rings on board arrives and unloads them, but not just near the fence, but directly into the pit thereby carrying out their final installation. Recently, the NPS-1000W-200LMT heaters have often begun to use them inexpensively.

After the well is ready to proceed with its connection, for this it will be necessary to make a hole somewhere in the middle of the first ring, then the end of the plastic pipe must be installed in this hole, after which the other end must be diluted in the rooms in which the devices are installed, which will be installed, which will be installed. Connect to the sewage system. It is still very important to note that the pipe should go under a certain inclination towards the well.