Bathroom plumbing in a private house

Of course, each room, whether it is an apartment or a private house, has its own characteristics. A private house, for example, allows you to completely freely plan your space, equip it according to your preferences in design. Big plus – you are not limited by the area, as is often the case in small apartments. Most problems here are usually with bathrooms. In the case of private houses, here the restrooms are much more spacious and allow you to think through the design of the bathroom almost without restrictions. It remains to choose interesting furniture, original plumbing, to allocate your room among the rest. Also try to fully equip it: for example, be sure to install the bidet. Well, if it turns out to simultaneously install a bath, shower, we will also raise this question. Let us dwell on manufacturers, including the work of Colombo, given its demand in the market. Be sure to pay attention to all these issues, starting from plumbing, the features of its choice.

Original bath options

Among such models, the first place is still occupied by an oval design. Having installed it on beautiful, sophisticated legs, it will be possible to fit it well into any interior. Of the materials, except marble, of course, we can advise ceramics. Such baths will look very original and elegant.

An interesting sink

A good choice of such a product can decorate your bathroom. There are several basic options from which you can start. Firstly, you can choose a more spacious design. For example, it can be a washbasin with a cabinet. How to make it more interesting? Choosing the original material, for example. You can choose a tree. It must have a special impregnation to be indoors with high humidity. Manufacturers already care about such moments. If you want to choose a plastic option, select the original colors: manufacturers offer quite interesting models. You can supplement such a product with an interesting countertop that can be made even from marble.

A suspension model will look very beautiful. In general, suspended plumbing fits exclusively well into such a room. It is important that she harmonizes with each other: for example, the bidet must be combined with the toilet. The best option is to choose models from one series, then the task is generally simplified to a minimum. Such options are offered by COLOMBO () manufacturer (). It is enough to view the catalog to make sure which model will perfectly fit into the room. Therefore, even the order on the Internet here will be simple. Thus, many manufacturers work, which is quite convenient for the buyer.

Actual choice between a cabin and bathroom

You can get a surge of vigor not only thanks to morning exercises, but also taking a refreshing shower. Agree, it is not always convenient to use a bath for such purposes. Obscure it with a special curtain ugly, and glass slides are not always suitable. Therefore, the best option would be, nevertheless, the installation of the shower. Of course, if the area allows such operations – we mean the installation of both products at once. In general, the bath is intended for longer procedures, while shower is a quick way to feel refreshment. There can also be many models of showers. This product should fit well into the interior, combine with another plumbing. For example, the choice of the cabin will not depend on the bidet, and it will already need to be selected under the furniture more thoroughly. Despite this, the main thing should still be the quality of materials. Of the best manufacturers, we can tell you again Colombo, given the fairly wide range. Among the advantages of such a choice can be called quality, which is always confirmed by high demand among people.