How to choose the right gas station. Which gasoline to choose

Among the many convenient mechanisms that have successfully replaced manual instruments recently, a benzo -coat or a trimmer can be noted. Indeed, without this tool you can sometimes do in the country and suburban area, in the village and in the city. A distinctive feature of the city in recent times was an annoying hiccup of benzokos, armed with which the employees of the housing office ennoble the lawns.

The trimmer successfully entered the everyday life of many of us, replacing the traditional braid, but forcing him to reflect – how to choose the right gas station from many proposed models. It should be noted that one of the parameters of the trimmer absolutely does not depend on our desire, so in this regard it is very easy to determine.

All existing products of products can be divided into electric and gasoline units. Accordingly, if there is the possibility of connecting a trimmer to a power source, you can safely purchase this option. But, as practice shows, it is precisely the trimmer with a gasoline engine that is in advance, since they have to mow more away from electricity.

By determining which benzokos to choose, you should take into account several main factors. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the volume of planned work. If you sometimes have to process small lawns, the simplest household trimmer is quite suitable.

With large areas of mowing, you should give preference to a powerful semi -professional or professional tool. Before choosing a benzokos, you should pay attention to that the more powerful the unit, the more and, accordingly, heavier, the tool. Therefore, a gas -skinned gas station should be equipped with a special design belt.

The engine type may affect the cost of the tool. Mostly benzocyes are equipped with two -stroke engines that differ in unpretentiousness and consuming a fuel mixture (gas + oil). When working, they are quite noisy, and exhaust gas is toxic. Four stroke engines operate on pure gasoline, low -noise, more economical (in terms of fuel consumption) and somewhat more environmentally friendly. With all this, they have a greater cost.

The next selection criterion is the design of the handle, on which the ease of use of the tool depends. Currently, products are offered with handles in three constructive performance: J-shaped, D-shaped and T-shaped. Small power units are equipped with J and D-shaped handles. T-shaped handle resembling a bicycle steering wheel is used for large power units. You should also pay attention to the design of the rod benzokos.

In some models, the rod is detachable, which is quite convenient when transporting a trimmer. In addition, it becomes possible to use other hinged tools. Having decided on this list of parameters, you can safely choose a tool and start ennoble the grass cover of your land.