Bearing ceiling – a great alternative to the suspended!

Bearing ceiling is a design that consists of metal profiles or bars, which are attached immediately to the ceiling and not to the canopy, as in the case of a suspended ceiling.

The bearing ceiling has the following advantages: it helps to hide the irregularities of the walls, which will help get rid of wet and dirty work, and also save on building materials accordingly.

Secondly, the fascinating ceiling is great for lovers of spotlights, with which zonal lighting is created. Moreover, the design of the bearing ceiling does not steal the height of the ceiling.   Bearing ceiling is not only a practical approach to the design of the ceiling, but also creative, because it is with its help that you can create a multi-level ceiling.

Speaking of the types of such ceilings, then they are often made from chipboard and drywall. The best material in this case is drywall, because it is characterized by an ideal surface, ease and resistance to moisture. This material will also help create additional sound insulation.

From all this it is simply impossible not to choose a bell ceiling from a practical and functional point of view!