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Hydraulic systems are a magnificent invention of mankind, borrowed from nature and withdrawing scientific and technological progress to that highest level, we are now on the court.

The basis of any hydraulic system is the principle of energy transmission through liquid. Hydraulic systems are used in almost all areas of our activities, they can be found in most industries, hydraulic systems push out bridges and open the lock gates, they slow down cars. The plane will not take off without the hydraulic system and the tourist liner will not go on swimming.

The basis of any hydraulic system is only a few important elements:

• Pond-piston, it is also called a hydraulic engine in which the mechanical movement occurs due to the pressure of the liquid;

• oil filter;

• pressure discharge valve, which serves to protect mechanisms from overheating;

• pump. Pumps come in various types;

• storage tank.

The most important element of any hydraulic system is a hydraulic fluid, that is, hydraulic oils that provide the operation of simple and complex hydraulics systems.

Hydraulic oils. What should they be

Hydraulics oils should cope immediately with many tasks, the most important of which are:

• Energy transfer. In order for the energy transmission process to be as effective as possible, the liquid should have good fluidity and the ability not to contract;

• the function of lubrication of working parts in order to prevent the friction process;

• protective role. The liquid should protect the working parts from corrosion;

• Cooling function. The oil should effectively dispel the heat that occurs during operation;

• The oil should be perfectly filtered and water water.

Hydraulic fluids today have large demands. It is understandable! Speed ​​grows, mechanisms are complicated. Over the past forty years, hydraulics load loads have increased by more than 15 times! And the process does not stand still, but continues. Therefore, it is very important to give preference to those oils that will fully comply with the requirements of modernity and will be able to be effective in the case of complicating the tasks.

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