What are the types of plaster

Plaster is a rather popular building material. After all, before proceeding with finishing work in the room, it is necessary to give the surfaces the proper appearance.

The most universal type of plaster is the plaster version of the material. Such plaster is suitable for any surfaces. But at the same time, it is better to work with gypsum plaster in those rooms where dry air. If the room does not heat up and, accordingly, wet air prevails in the room, it is better to limit the use of gypsum plaster. For such rooms, the use of cement-sand plaster is suitable. Gypsum plaster is ideal for working in residential premises, since it does not prevent air exchange. A feature of working with gypsum plaster is that it should be applied to the surface with thin layers.

In order to give the surface a certain relief, masonry of brick walls is carried out, and then decorative plaster, which is presented on the building materials market in various colors. Due to the fact that decorative plaster is not picky in care and it is not forbidden to wash, such plaster is often used in public premises.