Choosing and laminate standards

When buying a laminate, always pay attention to its indicated characteristics, in particular to the formaldehyde class. When the E1 icon is indicated on the laminate packaging, this means that the laminate is environmentally friendly.

You can also notice the load class on the packaging-classes 21-23 are suitable for a dwelling. But you can purchase a laminate much stronger-class 31-33. It also happens that a 34th grade indication is used as a marketing course. But this is not true – this load class in European production standards is not. The thickness of the laminate panels usually ranges and is 6-12mm, while there are enough stides with a thickness of 6-8 mm in the home-they will serve you for a long time. Thicker material must be chosen if the quality of the black floor is low. The length of the laminate panels is 1200-1400 mm, the width is 190-400 mm. Much less often you can find square panels.

It must be remembered that many types of laminate should not be laid in rooms that have constant high humidity (in the bathroom, toilet, sauna).

There can be exceptions to special deliveries of panels that are equipped with additional protection against high humidity. The usual laminate in the process of laying in a rather wet room swells in places of all joints. Therefore, it is better to lay it in the living room or bedroom, but not in the kitchen.

Together with amazing technical advantages, laminate can please you and a beautiful external look. It is available with a pattern that imitates a variety of wood species, ceramic tiles, stone or carpet coating.

You can get the best view of the floor thanks to the choice of drawing, but also combining styling methods. The laminate is placed at an angle or parallel to the walls. Some collections of its panels have special inserts that differ from the overall pattern.

Now in stores of different manufacturers you can find not only standard flat laminate panels, but also those that have a relief surface. Choose yourself!

Having chosen the laminate, the question will probably arise how to lay the laminate correctly. You can read about laying the laminate on the pages of our site.