Why are fuel separators needed

The difference in temperature that occurs in the fuel tank can lead to condensate. Its cause is a reverse highway in a diesel engine formed in the fuel system. In addition to condensate, the reason for the water fuel can be improper oil distillation, as well as non-compliance with the rules for transporting and storage of fuel and lubricants by the supplier and at refueling.

Corrosion, which leads to a significant reduction in the duration of operation of individual parts and the entire engine as a whole, appears mainly precisely due to the presence of water in diesel fuel. You can get rid of it if you buy a separator that protects the engine. In addition, water also increases fuel consumption and reduces engine power. The most dangerous for all car systems, including the engine, is considered to accumulate in the fuel tank at the bottom of contaminated fuel. To avoid the appearance of problems, polluted fuel should be drained from the bottom of the tank and rinse it.

All impurities, including water, can be completely eliminated from the fuel with the help of a highly effective separator invented in 1992. Previously, it was possible to clean the diesel fuel by almost 100% only in laboratories, today you can buy a separator and do it yourself. The separator conducts five -stage fuel purification, high -tech solutions and the original design of the separators, allows you to clean the fuel even before entering the combustion chamber and remove all impurities from it.

Fuel separators are used today around the world. They are used not only to prepare professional machines for races or long -term rally, but also for production purposes. They allow us to significantly increase the service life of parts of construction equipment and vehicles, reduce the frequency of breakdowns, and therefore save on maintenance of equipment, which will certainly favorably affect the overall cost of construction, where it is used.