Interior of a country house in country style

The interior of the apartment

Country style is ideal for decorating the interior of the premises of a country house. It is characterized by the active use of wood in furniture and parts of the finish, the lack of luxury and pretentiousness, the presence of ethnic features and high functionality. First of all, country is furniture from a solid array of wood, and it does not have to look presentable. On the contrary, in its appearance some clumsiness and affliction are welcomed. Nowadays, there are many ways of artificially given furniture of worn -out type, for example, patining, which consists in covering a tree with a special composition that gives it an antique view. Also in the interior of the country, Mayran will be appropriate, which will create a special atmosphere in the room. In addition, this is a very useful flower that can be grown in the house and on the site, decorating landscape design.

For the interior of a country house, decorated in the style of country, the use of colorful colorful fabrics is also characteristic. Rugs and wall carpets, curtains and curtains, capes and blankets – all this should not be gray and monotonous, but color and cheerful. But at the same time, do not delve into random contrasts, since the entire surrounding situation should be as harmonious as possible. In no case should you create a persistent impression. Therefore, in order to avoid excessive riot of colors, in some places, matters should be used with more muted colors and shades. The same upholstery of upholstered furniture can be made of discreet, plain material.

In general, the country style in a home interior is, first of all, the use of the entire natural. Array doors, wooden furniture, glass vases, ceramic dishes – all this is made of natural materials symbolizing nature. People who love all traditional, not beaten capricious fashion will be very comfortable and comfortable to be among all these things.

As for color variations, the interior of country in a country house is recommended to be designed in two versions. The first option is light oak. It is suitable for soft natures, easily related to life and appreciate freedom. The second option is a dark moraine oak or dark pine. From him blows thoroughness, reliability and solidity. Additional colors can be very different, but at the same time you should withstand the palette within the same gamut. It is desirable if it is yellow-brown.