Gabions – universal material for strengthening

These are metal mesh structures that are filled with natural stone, are the optimal and economical way to strengthen the coast. Habions are used by summer residents and owners of large complexes, on the territory of which there are reservoirs. Gabions are filled with a natural stone, if the manipulator crane is needed to fill out, then the arrow length should be sufficient so that the crane itself does not crawl into the reservoir.

Reliability and safety of gabion

The declared service life of Gabions for more than 70 years. They are environmentally friendly, safe and do not prevent fish spawning. Competently selecting the filler, you can make gabions almost invisible. After a few years, the Gabions become part of the ecosystem, which even more contributes to the natural strengthening of the coast.

The advantages of gabions

This technique is widely used in the threat of showering the coast and erosion of rivers and streams. The flexibility of the structure allows you to give and reliably fix any form of the coast. Natural shrinkage of soil does not have a deterioration in qualities.

Gabiones as an element of the landscape

Since shrubs and other plants can sprout in the mesh cells, gabions are often used to give the coastline a unique appearance. Plant roots do not worsen the qualities of gabions and do not destroy them.

Do not require care

Many coastline strengthening systems require constant care and periodically need repair. Gabion structures, despite their accessibility and ease of installation, do not require any attention. They are made of stainless wire, which means that they are not subject to corrosion.

If it is required to strengthen the multi -kilometer coastline, it is better to use the services of technology. Perhaps you will need a manipulator crane can be ordered in the same organization that supplies gabion. If you have your own technique, then the strengthening of the coastline will cost much cheaper.