Use of aerated concrete blocks in construction

Aerated concrete is currently very popular and is widely used in the construction of various structures. Now a lot of materials have appeared on the construction market, but not everyone has such a lot of useful technical characteristics as aerated concrete. Aerated concrete is a very light building material that has a porous structure. By clicking on the following link, you can buy a beam with a trim at a favorable price.

The specifics of this building material is similar to the specifics of cell brick. The difference is that aerated concrete is much lighter than brick, for example, with the same volumes, the brick will be six times heavier than aerated concrete. That is, aerated concrete is much easier to transport and has a relatively small price. Ass concrete blocks are very easy to process, a standard set of cutting tools is suitable for this. Also, this building material has excellent thermal insulation properties. Initially, during the construction of aerated concrete blocks, the base floor and foundation are formed. The most optimal type of foundation is monolithic!