Construction of wooden cottages

Wood as building material is widespread in Russia. In almost any region of the country you will find wooden houses. Modern technologies made it possible to build reliable cottages from wood that are durable, environmentally friendly and fireproof.

At the cost of construction and deadlines – wooden houses are most accessible financially.

Here it is necessary to distinguish two groups of building materials used for the construction of wooden houses, this is:

– Profiled and ocilled timber

– glued beam.

How these two groups of materials are different, primarily with their properties and secondly, based on the properties – at the cost.

Wooden houses from a profiled or gallected timber build 2 seasons, this technology is explained by the fact that houses are “seated” and based on this shrinkage for the next season continues to build.

Houses made of glued beams are not “seated”, which allows you to build buildings in season 1.

Wood is a modern, environmentally friendly, durable and durable building material for your home.