How not to get to the bait of scammers

Although fraudulent actions during the rental of real estate have been reported more than once, and it would seem that everyone has already been warned, but still many people continue to come across their tricks. In most cases, this happens because they do not seek to make rental transactions with the participation of intermediaries, that is, real estate agencies, and act independently, wanting to save as many means as possible. And this is in vain because the small percentage that you will pay for the services of realtors who will do all the work for you will become your guarantor of a calm and comfortable residence. Finding such agencies is easy. For example, on the website GDEKVARTIRA. SU will appear to your gaze an extensive catalog of daily renting apartments, which is divided into categories. If you need an apartment for a day in Chelyabinsk business class, then you can easily find it by choosing the appropriate category and city. After that, the entire list of apartments with the indicated prices will appear on the list of all amenities, as well as photographs by which you can immediately evaluate the interior and decoration of the rooms and leave the application by writing down your contact details.

As you can see, find a roof over your head, even for a day, quite simple. But you can also just get to the bait of scammers by making a lease transactions without concluding an agreement and without the participation of intermediaries. So what is so important this very contract?

The contract is an agreement that is drawn up between the lessor and a potential tenant and in most cases it is usually concluded for one year. Often it is compiled and signed in the presence of a third party, that is, a realtor, and all the obligations to prepare documents fall on his shoulders. This accelerates the process and saves your time. Also, his responsibility will include the search for a suitable apartment for you, the organization of viewing, checking the relevant documents on both parties, as well as negotiations when signing an agreement. In the terms of the contract, the lease term, the cost of real estate, the price of rent, the tax, the passport data of all parties, the address of the apartment, as well as many other subtleties that you need to carefully familiarize yourself will be clearly written. Also, do not forget about such important parts of the contract as the product of the inventory of the property and the preparation of the receipt of the receipt of the rental fee.

As a result, all parties are winning. The landlord gains confidence in their guests, those who shoot, receive a comfortable accommodation, and the Rielter agency replenishes its lists with new clients.