Advantages and disadvantages of frame construction

Having examined all the projects of cottages, not everyone will want to spend a lot of time building a cottage, many currently prefer frame buildings that are very quickly built. Frame construction is usually used in the construction of arbors or summer houses, but very rarely for residential buildings. Until this moment, there are disputes about whether the frame house can be considered a capital building. In a modern frame house, not walls are supporting, but specifically a frame that is assembled from wooden bars. The house described above has a certain series of positive aspects and pluses. What is it worth starting, so it is with the saving of electricity in the frame house. Its walls can accumulate and hold much more heat than brick walls. It takes less time to build this type of houses than to build any other buildings. More about construction. It does not require heavy equipment to create a frame house. Well, and, to all this, the frame house is very light, which means it does not need the foundation.

Such houses have few minuses, but they still have. As everyone knows, the tree is one of the best combustible materials, especially dry. Therefore, during the construction of frame houses, special rules should be followed for the installation of sockets, wiring, fireplaces and similar. We also remember that the tree does not really resist the rodents, so the owners of such a building will have to process their house with a certain frequency with a certain frequency. The last disadvantages can indicate the lack of ventilation and the relatively low strength of the frame houses.