Floor coatings: boardworms

Despite the wide variety of contemporary artificial materials, products of natural origin are occupied by a leading position in the decoration of the premises. One of the popular building materials, which no construction project can do without, is a tree used for the manufacture of many structures, including sex.

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A great influence on the quality of the floor will have a choice of wood. To obtain a strong and wear -resistant coating, it is recommended to choose coniferous wood. Moreover, if the floors are not painted with paint (it is planned to cover with varnish), you should choose boards of light shades with a pronounced beautiful texture of wood.

A prerequisite for flooring is the use of dry wood. Otherwise, the flooring will be crumpled, gaps will appear between the boards, which will ruin the appearance of not only the floor, but also the interior in general. In addition, all boards must be treated with antiseptic and anti -piren compounds, which are usually applied to the back, since the front side is covered with varnish or paint.