Renovation of apartments. The pricing policy of the masters of St. Petersburg

About 65 thousand apartments are buying. More than half of them are subject to immediate repair. That is why the popularity of high -quality decoration of the apartment is growing every year. It takes a lot of time to decide on the masters, because Petersburg offers a huge range of apartment repair services. There are various organizations that offer their services. The choice is simply incredibly great. Naturally everyone is looking for cheaper and moreatical. But before starting the repair, it is necessary to decide on the budget.

Repair of apartments prices Petersburg

Repair of the ceiling from GKL with a metal frame 480 rubles.

Ceiling painting with wallpaper 270 rubles

Primer15 rubles.

Putty 350 rubles

Painting of ceilings 130 rubles

Installation of mounting boxes 65 rubles

Installation of the cable 75 rubles

Laying metal -plastic pipes 230 rubles

Sewage laying 170-300 rubles, depending on the diameter

You can list the types of repair work endlessly, but I would like to say separately about the repair of a combined bathroom. This is a painstaking and quite expensive procedure. This question is better to entrust good plumbing. Running on the pages of the Internet is best to use the service of a plumbing call at home. So you can personally get acquainted with a person who will equip your admiration and purity room. You can slowly discuss every little thing that will perform exactly the function that you need exactly. Calling a plumbing at home will allow you to have time and assign planning at a convenient time for you. A good plumber will also offer you the most economical plumbing options. You can connect a washing machine and install the toilet, ensure the repair of plumbing equipment and cleaning filters. In addition, the price will correspond to the quality. Definitely, the call service of the plumbing at the house provides, so to speak, a human agreement on the time of work and the cost of repair, which is important for modern hostesses.

If you have a question about the cost of repairing an apartment, you should not count square meters, you should pay attention to the design of the project, because it is the estimated cost that depends on this. In general, the cost of repairs can be determined only after its end, because how many interesting things arises during this process.

Despite the cost of repairs, he must bring you positive emotions, whether it is repair of a bathroom or kitchen. After all, repairs are a flight of thoughts that are embodied in an extraordinary reality.