Fireplace in your house

A fireplace in your living room in a country house is always the place where your guests and family will gather to relax and chat. This is the center of attention of any house. Heat comes from fire in the fireplace, it gives comfort and pleasant emotions, adding comfort to any house. A special home atmosphere with firewood crackling in the fireplace and a large fluffy carpet – what else is needed for happiness?

Many people living in apartments also want to create a kind of calm country life, in particular, dream of installing a real wood fireplace. This is due to great difficulties, so some are looking for an alternative – an electric fireplace. Modern models of course will not become a full replacement for a real fireplace, but will fully fulfill the function of creating comfort in a home environment.


The installation of an electric fireplace does not require special skills and redevelopment. At the same time, to establish a real fireplace, you will need to know some installation and fire safety rules. In the country house, the optimal place for installing the fireplace is primarily determined. Most often, the center of the living room becomes such a place. When buying and installing a fireplace, it is also necessary to take into account how it will fit into the interior. Both the color scheme of the room, and the size of the fireplace, its style, appearance are important. He should not be too out of the general style.

Kaminov projects

Installation of wood fireplace is a difficult event, therefore, if there is no experience in this area, it is necessary to use the services of specialists who are engaged in the masonry of the fireplaces. Usually they will offer you a choice of several ready -made fireplace options or make a fireplace project at your request.

It is much easier to install an electric fireplace: it is less expensive, requires a little space for installation and is less demanding on conditions. In addition, it can be installed in the apartment. The firewood will be more pleasant in appearance, but it will require more money and time to install. In addition, he will take more space and require a separate ventilation of the use of specialists.

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