White Selikatnaya Brick

Silicate brick has an important difference from classic brick in the production method. It is made not by firing, but by making the mixture poured into the form, and its subsequent processing in the furnace using the autoclave method.

The mixture is obtained from lime, sand and a small part of various additives. The processing temperature reaches 200⁰ C under pressure from 8 to 12 atmospheres.

Types of silicate brick – white and colored.

White brick has the smallest cost relatively with color, its brand is indicated depending on the strength of the block (from 100 to 250 kg/cm). There are no chips and cracks on good, high -quality silicate brick, the edges have even sections. The most commonly used brick white for laying walls above the level of the lower floor. It is impossible to use this building material for laying the foundation, as well as for walls with a high temperature load (stoves, fireplaces, pipes).

A full -bodied and hollow silicate brick has different weights, which means that the hollow will facilitate the load on the foundation, and the cavities in its composition will improve thermal insulation of even high walls and partitions. For comparison, the thermal conductivity of complete brick varies within 0, 5-0, 6 W/m, and the hollow has parallel values ​​of 0, 32-0, 39.

Water absorption is depending on such brick characteristics as the composition of the mixture, the magnitude of the pressure during compaction, molding humidity. According to the adopted standard, the amount of water absorption should not be more than 6%. The value above 12% negatively affects the quality of the material, significantly reduces its frost resistance.

The frost resistance of light brick is indicated by the sign F and shows the number of sequential frosts and thawings withstanding the block to the manifestation of visible significant changes in its structure. According to the state standard, these values ​​can be 15, 25, 35 and 50. In the weather conditions of the moderate zone of the Russian Federation, it is recommended to choose a brick with a brand of at least 35.