To whom to entrust the installation of a split system?


If you not only do not know who to entrust the installation of the split system, but do not decide on its choice, then our article is for you. We recommend that you pay attention to the company “Climate St. Petersburg”, which sells and installation of high-quality ventilation systems, air conditioners and split systems from advanced manufacturers of the world. The company’s official website contains Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Kentatsu, LG, Lessar, Midea, Fujitsu and others. All products have quality certificates and warranty period from the manufacturer.

Why is it worth buying a split system or air conditioning in the famous Climate SPb company?

This is one of the few companies in St. Petersburg, which implements the widest range of climatic equipment from famous manufacturers of the world, uses impeccable reputations from the very founding of the company. Here you can get a qualified consultation of specialists who will help you decide on the necessary power of climatic equipment, tell you how to use it, care for it, etc. When buying air conditioning or split systems at the Klimat St. Petersburg company, you also get highly qualified equipment installation, guarantees for it, and the quality of the work performed.

Did you know that the climate equipment is installed on how high -quality it will be largely dependent on its service life and quality of work. If you do not want to take risks and throw money away as they say, “buy an air conditioner from a trusted supplier, who not only sells high -quality and reliable equipment, but also engages in its competent installation. Having trusted the installation of new equipment to professionals, you can be sure 100% in its high quality, reliability and long service life.