What tools can you cut tiles

When working with ceramic tiles, situations of different nature can occur, from which it turns out not so easy to get out. For example, if there is a need to cut such a material, the owner first has to decide which tool is most suitable for solving such a problem.

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Here, much is determined by the conditions of work, as well as the thickness of the tiles used. If its thickness is small, and the number of elements is also small, then it is enough to use ordinary glass cutter. This type of tool, although it is not specialized, cuts thin tiles well enough.

Когда объем материал, который должен быть порезан, довольно велик, стеклорезом уже не обойтись. In this case, its use will require large physical costs and a lot of time. Under such conditions, a much more successful option will be the use of a tile cutter of a mechanical or electric type.

But there are even more complex cases. Когда перед хозяином жилища появляется задача разрезать напольную плитку, даже плиткорез может не помочь. Then it remains to use only a grinder. And it is better if a diamond disk is installed on it, since there is no dust when it is used.