Heating equipment – make the right choice

From traditional heating equipment, floor gas boilers can be attributed to the most reliable. The heat exchanger for the boiler is made either from steel or from cast iron. Electricity is not required for its operation, this is the main advantage of the floor gas boiler, and this differs from other boilers. Also gas boilers are very economical. They are equipped with simple automation, which is why it is easy to use. The boiler always maintains the required temperature, it is able to disconnect independently, if necessary. Automatic shutdown can occur when the gas supply will be absent or there is no traction in the chimney. It becomes clear that for the normal operation of the gas boiler the chimney should be very good.

There are boilers with inflatable burners and atmospheric. Those with atmospheric burners work quietly, they are cheaper than boilers with inflatable burners and very easy to use. The efficiency of the inflatable burner is large, but there is a boiler with such a burner much more expensive. Atmospheric burner is a non -removable part of the boiler, and an inflatable burner can be purchased separately, since it is removed. You can heat small rooms with an atmospheric burner with an atmospheric burner, because this boiler has a slight power – up to 80 kW. For heating large houses, a boiler with an inflatable burner is ideal, the power of which can reach up to 1000 kW.

Boilers are also single -stage and two -stage. Using a single -stage boiler, you will have the opportunity to use only one power level, and using a two -stage model, you will have two power levels at your disposal, especially since this model is more economical. On sale on the UAGAZOVYE-KOTLY website, you can find floor gas boilers with smooth power regulation. The benefit of using two -stage boilers, as well as boilers with power modulation, is obvious, since only the full power is used, and the rest of the time so many power is not required. The advantages of two -stage gas boilers are their long service life, a small amount of flue waste and fuel saving, this type of boilers can be used together with an indirect heating of any capacity.