Linoleum does not lose popularity

Linoleum remains one of the most common flooring, it has sound, heat-insulating properties, perfectly complements the interior of the room. The floor covering performs important functions in each room: retains heat, isolates from extraneous sounds, gives an attractive appearance to the entire room or office. The construction market today is replete with a variety of options – parquet, laminate, carpet, rifts, tiles, etc. D. One of the most popular materials for the floor is linoleum. Its popularity is explained by quite democratic prices and quite high performance characteristics. When buying new housing, for example, apartments in a prominent one, it must be borne in mind that the recently built house can shrink, which will affect the interior decoration of the room. Linoleum in this case – ideal, modern materials are not deformed and are not amenable to shrinkage. They are distinguished by a high degree of strength and wear resistance. The service life may vary from 5 to 15-20 years, depending on the type of linoleum and operating conditions.

Among the polyvinyl chloride materials that are recognized as the most common, the following varieties are distinguished: commercial is used in rooms with high cross -country ability, has a thickness of 2-3 mm, a protective layer – 0.7 mm. The semi -commercial is characterized by lower strength, mounted, as a rule, in public premises, as well as in some parts of the apartment or house. household linoleum is quite light, usually covered in apartments.

The thickness of the floor product is very important, such properties as heat – sound insulation, durability depend on this. The quality of the protective coating determines the wear resistance, light resistance, water resistance. Modern technologies allow you to create a huge variety of color colors, imitate any breed of wood, bamboo stones, etc. Each buyer will be able to choose a certain color scheme, shade and texture.

Having decided on the type of linoleum, it is very important to choose the right size. It is better to choose the maximum coating width to avoid joints. You should also take into account the ornament, you may have to adjust the drawing. The whole process should be entrusted to a professional who will determine the exact size, will lay linoleum. After the coating is laid, there should be no waves, bubbles, breaks, etc. D.